Arpad was excellent to work with. We had technical difficulties in transferring over content from my old site but he was extremely patient and saw it through. He went above and beyond in both his time and expertise. He learned a new service for website development because it was what I wanted and he thought it would give me everything I needed. He was easy to communicate with, quick to respond and very polite and considerate. I would definitely hire him again. Thank you so much Arpad!

Karin Naslund

The most talented designer I have worked with, by far. Great artistic vision and a keen ability to create striking archetypal symbols. Communication is clear as it is timely even though the designer is +9 hours. I am in Denver, CO, USA, he is in Romania. I will not use another designer. Great work every time. Highly, Highly Recommended.

Brandon Cruz

The logo he created for me is absolutely brilliant. Highly recommended! Will hire again.


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