Brand Identity Design for Startups: What You Need to Know

Congratulations for your Startup! To make it successful, you not only need a great service or product, but a spectacular brand too. A brand that can be easily recognized and associated with your product and remembered. We would like to discuss this topic to help you do it right. We will tell you what you need to know to have a professionally crafted brand, that your customers will love. We will talk about the pillars of a great brand, the logo, the colors, brand tonality and such. We will also cover how WhiteX Studio can help you with these too.

What is a brand?

A brand is the communication channel between the buyer and the seller. People buy things or visit places because of the brand or the image behind it. We live in a visual world, so brands are often associated with colors and logos. You can buy a Mac in your local Apple store. You can visit McDonald’s for a Big Mac. You could simply see Samsung products everywhere. Brands have become fundamental to consumer behavior. It is important to maintain a high level of brand awareness to boost your sales and keep your customers coming back for more. Since the most important factor when you are creating a new brand is to create one that your customers will fall in love with, you need to consider your brand as part of the company identity. What does your brand stand for?

Brand Identity Examples

You can create an identity that is uniquely yours. However, if you are looking for a few examples of brand identities that have worked well, here are a few: Apple, Nike, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Zappos, Taco Bell, Sony, Macy’s, etc. 

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The Pillars of a Successful Brand Identity

Branding is one of the most significant components of a company’s success. Customers will remember your brand if it has a good vibe. A successful brand has these pillars:

Pillar 1 – Warmth and Voice. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about rock and roll here. We are talking about voice, the tone that you establish with customers. We all know that tone is how people know we’re talking to them and feel connected to us. You need to do the same. Your tone needs to be engaging, friendly and warm.

Pillar 2 – Personality. Your customers will not only buy your product, but buy into your personality. You should be recognizable by how you are different from other brands. Therefore, your voice and personality are so important.

Pillar 3 – Value. Make your customer aware of how much you are willing to pay for their product or service. When you make your customers happy, they are more likely to be loyal to you. If you give value to them, they will more likely appreciate your business.

Pillar 4 – Purpose. How can you make a difference in the world? Do your customers know how you are changing the world? How is your product going to help the customer solve a problem? Don’t just use this as an empty phrase. What is your purpose? If you aren’t sure about your brand, here are some questions to ask: What are you about? Do you want to be known for something special, such as: Quality?

Once you have the pillars in place, you need to come up with a strategy to achieve your brand identity. There are many ways to build a brand identity.

What to consider when designing a Logo

First and foremost, you need to make sure that the logo you pick is simple and easy to use. Do not be fooled by the complexity, you need to think about how it can be easily communicated to others. If it is not easily understood, people will not remember it. Choose colors wisely. Another thing you need to think about is choosing colors carefully. You need to have colors that are already used, but they need to be bright and in your language. Brand tonality. What we mean by this is having tonal difference between elements. For example, you do not want to have a lot of red in your branding, it will be too dominant and make it look more like a logo than a brand. Design harmony. It is important to choose a logo design that is harmonious and not at odds with the rest of the branding.

What should a brand’s tone of voice be?

Your brand’s tone of voice needs to reflect your personality and you will be able to do this through your logo. A good logo will both convey your company’s tone of voice while being equally attention grabbing. If you do not know what kind of tone you want to convey in your logo, you can think about these points: Is your brand a little wacky or serious? Is your brand a bit bold or dull? What is your customer looking for? How does your customer see your brand?

How can WhiteX Studio help with this?

At WhiteX Studio, our talented designers will be able to do an exceptional brand identity for you. We can handle any type of brand – from a newbie startup to an established brand. You can find a branding solution tailored to your brand and products requirements. We can customize your logo, improve your brand tonality and colors. We can also create a powerful brand tone scale and help you reach the right balance with different moods. You’re welcome to our dedicated design blog. We will regularly publish design tutorials and checklists that can help you with your creative process. If you have any questions regarding brand identity, please feel free to contact us right now. Our team is always available to answer your questions and discuss.


Today, when most people think of brands, they think about famous companies like Apple, Google or Coca Cola. However, brand is much more than just marketing strategy and products. Branding is about culture, about values, and above all – about a personality. Branding is not only about the logo and design. It’s about creating a positive, memorable image that will make people want to know more about you, to share it with their friends, and to buy your product. Your branding should be consistent with your company’s values, culture and personality.

It can take up some effort and time, but the rewards are massive. You will be able to create great products and services, and they’ll be memorable. Don’t get overwhelmed, it’s something that can be done, and it will all turn out fine. Just follow these guidelines and you will be on your way to having a successful brand!